Why Should You Come To Our Golf School

Monday, August 24th, 2015
Why should you come to our golf school? There are many reasons. I will give you the most important reasons why our golf school provides not only the best and highest quality instruction you can find anywhere, but also a golf experience you will enjoy and benefit from for a lifetime.


Having sound fundamentals in golf is the foundation for years of success and enjoyment for any golfer. At The Academy of Golf Dynamics, we teach each person individually…not a system or method. We take into account each person’s swing fundamentals, learning style, personality, age, flexibility and physical limitations (if any) and develop a program for that person that will help them get the most out of their game. We also give you the knowledge on how to keep improving once you leave. Knowing how to practice efficiently once you are back home is an integral part of seeing improvement over the course of time. Our students develop a knowledge of their individual swing that helps them be their own best teacher once they are back home. The practice drills we prescribe to each person helps develop a feel for the corrections we work on while here so you can continue to improve after you leave our school.


Our staff of instructors are the heartbeat of our golf school. You won’t find a more knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly staff of golf instructors anywhere in the country. From your initial phone conversation with Kevin in the office while registering, to your three days spent working with our team of instructors, your experience here will be second to none. We have all been together for years and have gained a knowledge of the golf swing not through instruction books, but first-hand experience teaching the golf schools. We make our recommendations for your swing to help improve your ball flight, not to make your swing look pretty. This ability can only come from years of experience. Also, most of our staff possess a college golf background. Not only would I stack our team of instructors up against anyone when it comes to swing knowledge, but I would take this group to the course against anyone also. This aspect is crucial while teaching on-course strategies. You also won’t find a better, more fun group of guys to spend three days with helping you with your golf game. We’ve had many students who have come to us for years say this is the best staff we’ve ever had, and we agree!


Our three day school is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Whether you are a member of a golfing family or have a group of friends you enjoy playing with, our school is a great way to spend three days. You can work on your golf game during the morning and early afternoon with the option of playing one of our four golf courses right here in Lakeway in the afternoon after class. You have the Hill Country Galleria just a couple of miles down the road for any shopping that might be required for the shopaholic in your group, Lake Travis for the water-lover in your group, Austin’s many fine restaurants or live music in the “Live Music Capitol of the World.” There’s no better place to get away for three days to work on your golf game and experience all that Austin has to offer.


Through the years, we have had entire and partial schools bought out by companies entertaining clients and employees. We can tailor our school to fit your needs and wants. Need dinner reservations? We’ll take care of that for you at one of Austin’s many four and five star restaurants. Want to play golf at one of our Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses right here in Lakeway? We’ll take care of that for you with the option of having one of our instructors join you. We spare no expense to make your experience here the most enjoyable you can find anywhere.


The Academy of Golf Dynamics has been recognized as one of the top 25 golf schools in America by GOLF Magazine since 1999 – the year the list started. Randy Dalton and Kyle Jerome have also been recognized by GOLF Magazine as top teachers in this region of the United States for several years as well as being nominated for the top 100 Teachers list.


Our facility is a Nicklaus designed practice facility with a huge practice tee, a 9 bay covered shelter, large putting green, separate pitching area with bunker and three full length practice holes – a par 3, 4 and 5. Our facility not only allows us to cover the basic shots you have during a round, but our private practice course allows us to teach you on course strategies and situational shots you have while playing.


Our new V1 Pro Video system allows us better analyze your swing with you through the latest in video technology. After returning home, you will be able to access your swing through our website while listening to one of our instructors go through the swing keys you worked on while you were here. While we never have, and still don’t, rely heavily on video in our teaching, it is a great new addition that has received fantastic feedback from our students. Just one more way we continue to bring you the best instruction you will find anywhere.


We have always strived to not only bring you the best golf instruction anywhere, but to make it the best value found anywhere. Our prices for our golf schools have always been unmatched for the quality of instruction you receive. It is a source of pride for us to give you the best at an affordable price.


When you leave our school, you will receive a personalized prescription chart for your swing and short game, a review manual and review DVD as forms of reference for what you need to work on while you were here. Once attending our school, you will recieve a weekly email and a quarterly newsletter. One of our most popular services we provide is the ability to email us (or call) with any questions or problems you might be having with your game. We all have our ruts we get into with our game from time to time. But if you can’t seem to get out of your rut, we are always here for you and encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have. If you live out of town and know you will be in Austin, you can call us and come out to The Academy and let one of our instructors take a look at your swing. We are always here to help you with your game! These are just several aspects of our golf school that make it the best in the country. Not only do we have no doubt we are the best at what we do, but we love what we do. We know that if you spend the time and money to come to us for help with your game, you expect the best…and that’s just what you’ll get. Come see us and put your golf game in our hands.