Want To Play Golf Better? These 4 Basic Principles Can Help!

Thursday, March 7th, 2019
golf techniques to help you play better golf

There are plenty of options available to gain quality instruction on how to play better golf. However, an instructor’s expertise may not be beneficial in identifying the actual flaws in your game. They may correct some deficiencies with your swing or balance. But, those improvements may be completely forgotten as most weekend golfers revert back to their original swing. Some may argue that this happens because people have a hard time adapting to change. Inexperienced golfers may not grasp the principles taught by their instructors as well.

If you are looking to play better golf, improvement won’t happen until you make necessary changes to your golf swing. The following are some tips that can help you improve your swing and your overall game.

The most important part of a golf swing

The most important part of a golf swing is familiarizing yourself with three lines. The first is the target line, which is the distance needed to place the ball on the fairway. The second is the swing path line that covers the entire circumference of your golf swing. Finally, the clubface direction line is the path where the clubface and ball meet.

The faster you can learn the importance of each line, the more likely you will be to correct your swing. Clubface direction helps to determine how much spin is needed to place the ball near the desired target. Understanding these lines can help you control clubface direction and swing path, which determines the flight of the ball. It’s a simple process of having proper alignment.

Understand the ball flight path

Modern technology has played a huge role in showing how clubface direction influences where the golf ball lands on the fairway. Recent studies have shown that most golf ball flight direction is determined by clubface direction. Slicing a shot attempt means losing distance or accuracy.

There are three types of clubface directions. The first is square or pointing your clubface in the same direction as your swing path. The second is open or pointing the clubface to the right of your swing path. The final direction is closed or pointing the clubface to the left of your swing path.

If your shot attempt is slicing to the left, then try aiming the clubface more to the left of the desired target site. This is a common problem for most beginning golfers. Never try to alter your swing path because that rarely affects the direction of the golf ball. If you wish to hit a more straight-on shot, then the clubface needs to be pointing in the same direction as your swing path. This slight adjustment will help you hit the ball more squarely.

Develop a pre-shot routine

Many inexperienced golfers take their shots without any thought on where they want to place the ball. The solution is having a pre-shot routine. You should know the current ball placement and determine the type of shot that is needed to maintain par for the hole. You can gain this information by studying the course design before you play. Buying a yard book at the pro-shop is also highly recommended.

Experienced golfers will use a global positioning system (GPS), rangefinder, or smartphone app to help with their pre-shot routine. These devices offer distance to the hole from the tee box to the pin. More sophisticated programs will make club suggestions before each shot attempt as well.

Remove anxiety from your game

Developing a solid pre-shot routine will remove some anxiety from your game. Reducing nervousness can assist with lowering your round’s score. An excellent pre-shot routine includes taking note of the wind direction and distance to the green, and making sure your stance is balanced for each shot attempt. Having a set of steps can give you something to focus on rather than your score, which decreases nervousness.

Try to examine your surroundings before taking a shot too. It’s important to keep track of where all hazards are located and determine the widest part of the fairway. Then, pick out a desired location to hit with your ball. Visualize the outcome before actually taking the shot. Finally, take a couple of practice swings before making your shot. This will help you to get a feel of the terrain and boost your confidence levels.

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