Want To Become A Better Golfer? Use These 8 Tips!

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017
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Serious golfers love to work on the fundamentals of their swing to achieve a better round’s score. This often leads to improvements that become unconscious actions, until something affects those skills, which happens to even the best golfers. Beyond the basics, there are some valuable tips that can help you become a better player, including club selection and better course management.

Align the clubhead

One of the most common mistakes made on the golf course is having improper club alignment during each shot attempt. You want to align your club by assessing the target from behind the ball. This will give you a better perspective of the hole and where to place the ball near the green. Before taking your stance, set the clubhead behind the golf ball and align it directly towards the target.

Choose the right golf club before playing

Most golfers choose which club to use based on length of the hole. However, more experienced players understand there is more to selecting the right club than distance. This step should include personal shot tendencies, wind conditions, and potential hazards that lurk in the prime landing spots on the fairway.

For example, the hole may only be 365 yards away, so a good opening tee shot could leave you with a short distance from the hole. It is better to avoid those distances by hitting a three-wood from the tee box. This provides a greater chance of hitting the fairway than a standard tee-shot.

Avoid changing your stance

Instinctively, you may make stance changes depending on the length of the hole. When it comes to longer distances, this shouldn’t be the case. A more traditional stance can help you to become a better golf player. There are minor adjustments you may need to make to your body angle, like ball position and stance width. However, your stance shouldn’t depend on what club you are using or the length of the shot.

Know how to grip the golf club

More experienced players have a solid fundamental grip of the golf club. To start, emphasize the handle’s position in the fingers between the first knuckle and palm on the gloved hand. Apply your other hand in a way that it will wrap comfortably around the handle of the club. Your thumbs and index fingers should form two “Vs”, and be placed on the side of your chest. This should give you a more solid grip.

Learn to play with the wind

Many players fret over playing in heavy winds, but more experienced golfers know how to use the conditions to their advantage. For instance, it doesn’t matter what shot attempt is being considered, because your approach will depend upon what direction the wind is blowing. It is important to make adjustments that allow the wind to work in your favor.

It doesn’t matter how far you can hit a golf ball, the wind will win every time. Your best approach is having the conditions work for you, especially at the tee box. It is better to hit a fade than a more traditional tee shot when winds are high. This will allow the wind to bring the ball back onto the fairway.

Play for more break, not less

It is always better to miss a putt on the low side of the green, which gives you a chance to make par for the hole. This is because golf balls rarely roll upwards on an incline. However, if you tend to miss a putt on the upper side of the hole, the ball may still roll into the cup. The key is to maintain speed off the putter by allowing room for error. This affords more break, which slows the ball down enough to roll into the hole.

Finish the shot

One of the biggest fears of all golfers is putting their ball in a bunker. The approach isn’t as difficult as it might look. It is more important to hit the ball down and behind, which lets the sand lift it out of the bunker. Try taking a full swing with a more balanced and comfortable approach if you land in the bunker. You’ll be less inclined to drive the club head deep into the sand by using this trick.

Use chip shots to your advantage

Never take a chip shot for granted, because perfect execution could determine if you make par on the hole. Try to improve your approach by concentrating on the impact location, as it will help to hit the golf ball more consistently.

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