Surefire Tips To Help You Play Golf On A Windy Day

Friday, January 10th, 2020
man in green shirt and black golf pants playing golf on a green course in wind with a storm building in the background
Windy days on the golf course are not fun, even for the seasoned golfer. The stiff winds can ruin an easy putt in just one big gust. However, there are a few tips and tricks to playing golf on a windy day that can give you a slight edge.  Remember these suggestions the next time you’re challenged by a stiff breeze while playing the green.

Calculate where the wind will go

While you’re sizing up your shot, you may notice yourself making estimates on how much force to use in the swing, the direction you lean in, and so on. On a windy day, be sure to include the breeze into your calculations. 

Don’t fight it

It may seem counter-intuitive, but fighting the wind will only have a negative impact on your game. If you lean into the wind during a swing, you’ll be more likely to have a steep swing path. Maintain a proper stance, if you need more stability you can always squat a bit lower.

Keep a low flight path

Make sure that you’re aiming for a low flight path when you swing. The higher a ball goes, the more it is at the mercy of the wind. One way to aim for a lower flight path is to stand about an inch back from your normal stance and then make a three-quarter swing. As you make the swing, you’ll want to near down on the ball without swinging steeply. Keep your focus on guiding the ball forward.

Playing crosswinds

If you’re faced with playing a crosswind from the tree, find where the wind is blowing and set up the ball on the opposite side of the tee box. For example, if the wind is blowing right-to-left, tee up on the left side. You’ll want to have your swing to where you’re aimed at the right section of the fairway. For a left-to-right crosswind you’d do the inverse. This method maximizes your leeway in playing the wind.

Playing headwinds and tailwinds

When playing these windy forces, you’ll want to remember to keep your ball’s flight path low, as mentioned before.
  • Headwinds: be sure to use more club than usual. Implement that three quarter swing to drive the ball low.
  • Tailwinds: For this, use less club than what you’re accustomed to. The wind will push the ball along with it.

Less lofted club

As you near the green, start analyzing the contours of the terrain. Select a less lofted club in order to guide the ball over these contours. The best way to approach this stretch is to treat your shot like a long putt. Break up the shot into smaller sections, then join them together again.

Time your stroke 

While the wind can be a pesky nuisance, keep in mind that one thing is certain: it comes in gusts. Meaning, you can line up your putt and time the gusts. As soon as there is a rest or lull in the wind, you can proceed with your stroke.  Wind is inevitable, but as you can see, it can be dealt with. Don’t let the stiff breeze deter you from enjoying your game of golf. In fact, by using these pointers to your advantage, you can edge out your playing partners as they fight against the wind. 


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