Tips For Playing Golf In The Wind

Tuesday, December 20th, 2022
golfing in the wind
High winds can hinder even the best golfer’s performance. It requires you to adapt to the weather and change your approach to use the wind to your advantage. Below are a few golfing tips for playing in the wind.

Swing Easy

Many golfers believe swinging harder during high winds will counteract the turbulent weather. However, harder golf swings will create more backspin and make it easier for the wind to push your ball into the rough. Swinging easily while maintaining a stable base will reduce backspin and give you more control over the ball and its position. When hitting into the wind, increase your club to reduce your backswing. This will decrease loft and send the ball further.

Hit Under the Wind

Hitting the ball under the wind will reduce interference and give you a more accurate shot. Fighting the wind will only reduce your performance and increase frustration. To hit under the wind, play the ball an inch behind your traditional stance. This allows the ball to soar lower, reducing the wind’s effects.

Choose the Correct Club

Sometimes adjusting your club will make all the difference when golfing in the wind. For every ten mph of wind, increase your club size. For example, if you experience ten mph winds and typically use a seven iron, use a six iron instead to adjust to the conditions. The adjusted club size makes it easy to hit the ball without adversely affecting your game.

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