The Different Types Of Golf Shots Every Beginner Should Know

Monday, July 1st, 2019
Golf ball on a tee

If you are new to golf, you may be surprised to know that there are many types of shots that you can take on the course. Here are the golf shots you will need to become familiar with in order to play successfully.

The drive

This shot is one of the most well-known in the game of golf. It is usually taken at the tee but can be done on the fairway if necessary. It is a long distance shot that is meant to make the ball travel as far as possible towards the green. Depending upon your skill level, you should expect to drive the golf ball between 200 and 300 yards. The golf club used for this shot is the driver. It should not be used for any other type of shot.

The approach

This shot is typically taken right after the drive. The golf club you use for this will depend upon how close you are to the green. You will typically use irons for this shot but can also use fairway woods (AKA fairway metals) and utility clubs. The goal is to get the ball onto the green in only one shot at this point in the game.

The putt

Along with the drive shot, the putt is one of the most well-known among golfers and people who don’t play golf. It is usually taken on the green and is meant to softly push the ball into the hole. Accuracy is key to making a great putt. Greens are usually slanted in many areas, so golfers must know the terrain. A putter should be the only club you use for this shot.

The Lay-up

This shot allows you to place the ball in a better position for a second shot. It helps golfers to avoid water hazards and sand traps, as well as penalties. A chip shot can be a lay-up or short approach shot. It is also used to get out of a sand trap. Wedges are popular clubs to use for this shot because they create force with the ability to aim.

The punch and the flop

Both of these shots are taken to avoid objects like trees and canopies. The punch keeps the ball low to the ground, while the flop sends the ball over objects along a short trajectory. Utility clubs work for both of these shots.

Changing shots

You can change a shot in golf by altering the way it is taken. These shots have other names and include a draw and a fade.

A draw is an alteration that isn’t always desired. This happens when a right-handed player hits the ball on a leftward trajectory or when a left-handed player hits the ball to the right. If the ball curves too much to one side, that is called a hook.

When a right-handed player sends the ball from left to right or a left-handed player shoots the ball from right to left, it is known as a fade. If there is too much fade, it is called a slice.

Shots you want to avoid

There are some shots you want to avoid while playing golf. If you hit the ball to the left or right too hard, it is called a shank. A top shot happens when a golfer hits the ball on the horizontal center, resulting in a short roll across the ground. When a golfer hits the ground too much before the club hits the ball, it is called a fat shot. You will often see some turf fly when the ball does, but this is intentional.

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