The Benefits of Walking on the Golf Course

Wednesday, October 19th, 2022
walking on golf course
Heading out for a few rounds of golf remains a popular American pastime. Part of the sport includes walking on the golf course, though today, many opt to use golf carts while on the green. Riding in golf carts may make transporting you and your playing partners easier, but without the walk, you miss out on many benefits of the sport.

More Exercise

Many golfers see the sport as a form of exercise. Riding a golf cart takes that exercise away, leading many golfers to lose the benefits of walking. Regular walking on the green helps your cardiovascular system, lowers your blood pressure, and can help you lose weight.

Improve Your Golf Game

Raising your golf score seems like an unlikely result of walking on the golf course, but the motion of walking releases high muscle tension and relaxes your swing. Along with the relaxing motions of a walk, golf courses intend for players to enjoy a peaceful, serene environment. These quiet surroundings improve your mood and focus.

Deepen Your Friendships

Zipping from hole to hole reduces the time you and your playing partners spend on the course. Walking on the golf course with your friends allows you to enjoy their company, have complete conversations, and improve your communication with them as you play.

Less Money

Golf courses typically charge for using their carts, even if you have a membership with a club. Depending on the golf course and the type of carts available, fees may range from $25 to over $100. Save your money for better clubs, balls, and tees by walking on the golf course instead.

How Walking Benefits the Course

You may have noticed that some golf courses no longer allow their carts on the fairways, providing a path for golfers to drive instead. Part of this stems from the damage golf carts can cause on fairway grasses. While one cart won’t destroy the green, multiple carts over a single day may cause ruts, skids, and other issues on the fairway.


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