The Beginner’s Guide To Essential Golf Equipment

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018
Academy of Golf Dynamics can help you find what you need to start golfing.

As a beginning golfer, you can become overwhelmed with the amount of golf equipment available online and in stores. The different brands, sizes, colors, and styles can be beneficial but difficult to choose from, especially when you just want to purchase the essentials needed to play golf.

It is important to get some guidance and suggestions from more experienced golfers or get fitted with quality equipment without spending too much money. Remember, you are at the beginning stage of the learning process, so you will not need fitted clubs just yet or equipment like GPS devices. All you need is the type of equipment that helps you learn how to play golf better. Once you get some practice, you can venture out and invest in better golf equipment that fits your style.

Here is a beginner’s guide to the most essential golf equipment you will need to play.

Start with golf clubs

The only equipment a beginning golfer needs is a reliable set of clubs that can get them out on the course. A set of top-of-the-line golf clubs will cost close to $1500 at any local pro shop. Your first set of clubs should have a driver, a fairway wood, irons, and a putter, which should add up to a 15 pieces. Some pro shops and sporting stores will offer sales on club sets during the holiday season. In some cases, the sale will include a golf bag and club head covers as well. If you cannot afford the highest-quality sets, ask experts which basic models will be the best for you.

Get some golf balls

Never fall into the trap of believing that you need the best golf balls available on the market to play a round. The odds are pretty high that you’re going to lose most of them by hitting shots out of play. Try to stay away from buying specialty-designed compression golf balls that provide a desired spin or softness as well. Focus more on purchasing affordable balls that develop your overall game. Remember, your skills aren’t that sophisticated yet, so it is not beneficial to spend top dollar for quality golf balls at this stage.

Ask about tees

The first thing you notice when you’re shopping for tees is that they come in all sizes. It is smart to determine which height of tees best compliments your golf game. Most beginning golfers will use large tees, as these can be pushed further into the ground. The key to finding your ideal tee height is identifying which length makes you comfortable and confident during each opening shot. Keep that in mind when shopping for tees because no brand or style stands out from the other.

Get a good pair of gloves

Golf gloves are designed to help players grip their clubs better, prevent blisters from forming, and to keep hands warm on cool days. Like golf balls and tees, any glove model will serve their purpose on the course. However, you want them to be comfortable and provide a good grip.

Name brands are more expensive, but they tend to last longer and rip less quickly. The pricing at pro shops often runs higher than at sporting goods stores, so try to avoid making unnecessary purchases there. Also, keep in mind that the fit of the glove is far more important than the quality of the material.

Invest in golf shoes

Spiked shoes are a necessary tool when playing golf because they give your feet the traction and comfort needed to complete the course. A good pair of shoes will be worth the cost in the long run. You will have to walk hills and rough terrain to take certain shots on the fairway, so you need a sturdy pair of shoes.

Name brand golf shoes will cost you at least $100 at various pro shops. You want to purchase shoes that are water-resistant while being stylish at the same time. It is smart to keep an eye on one-day sales from local golf stores because the savings can be significant.

Be sure to have the right apparel

Public and private golf courses have strict dress codes that require all players to adhere in order to play. Typical golf attire is a polo shirt (long or short sleeve), pants or khaki-shorts, a ball cap, and golf shoes. Beginning golfers can find comfortable and stylish clothing at most pro shops and department stores. Clothing is the easiest golf equipment to buy because it is easy to find and affordable.

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