The Art of Patience in Golf

Tuesday, June 27th, 2023
golf club and golf ball on tee practicing the art of patience in golf
Do you want to be great at golf? Study the art of patience! The top experts in golf agree the sport is a mind game. Keep reading to discover why patience is so important, then get out on the golf course and play the best game of your life!

Why Golf Is a Mental Game

When playing golf, focus is your greatest ally. You need to visualize that perfect shot, tune in to your muscle memory, adapt to challenges on the course, and accept your humanity when you make mistakes. Be alone with your thoughts when you’re out on the course, even with friends. If you can’t control your thoughts and emotions, your game suffers.

The Elements of Patience

What do you need to develop the art of patience in golf? Try working on these three habits.


While you need to be aware of the course and the people around you, that’s not the most important thing. You need awareness of yourself.  What are your triggers? What mistakes anger you? When you’re aware of these triggers, you can accept and either avoid them, reduce them, or embrace them. They don’t have to ruin your day.


Stay in the present. Don’t worry about that easy putt you just missed. Don’t analyze last week’s game in your head. Focus on your current shot and how it sets you up for the next one. You’ll find patience much easier to attain when leaving the past behind.


You’ll feel the temptation to rush when you make a mistake or find a shot challenging. Keep calm at a slow, steady pace. Rushing leads to poor decisions that destroy your game.

The Benefits of Patience in Golf

What can patience do for your golf game?


Is your love of golf tainted by the anger you feel when you don’t perform to your expectations? When you develop patience, you’ll enjoy the game much more. You’ll rediscover your love for the game when you can let things go, play in the moment, and appreciate a slow, steady pace.


When you develop patience, you’ll improve your game over time. Like many sports, golf depends more on muscle memory and practice than natural talent. You improve your game when you clear your mind, learn from your mistakes, and enhance your focus. You allow your experience to take over without your mind getting in the way. 


When you study the art of patience in golf, the social aspect of the sport shines! When you become a patient golfer, the golf club sees you as a great person to play with.  Whether you want to play alone, join old friends, or meet new people, when you’re patient, there’s no limit to your choices!


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