The Academy Of Golf Dynamics Is 33 Years Old!

Monday, August 24th, 2015
This year, the Academy of Golf Dynamics reached a milestone in the world of golf schools – THIRTY-THREE YEARS IN BUSINESS! That’s right, it’s our thirty year anniversary and we couldn’t be more proud, and fortunate, to have served so many good people. As in many businesses, thirty years is a number not seen very often. The Academy of Golf Dynamics was established in 1982 by Bill Moretti and Mike Adams. They moved the school to Austin from Florida in 1986. We have been at the Academy of Golf at The Hills of Lakeway ever since. In 1991, Mike left the AGD and Bill took over as the sole owner and held that position until he sold the school to Kyle, Randy and Kevin in 2007. We couldn’t have asked for a better role model, boss, mentor and friend than Bill. We learned many things from Bill (and we still do). He taught us cause and effect of the golf swing. He taught us how to teach the person, not a system or a method. He taught us to strive to improve in some area each day. And he showed us how to develop relationships with our students. Since the move to Austin, we have helped over 25,000 students with their golf games. More importantly, we have developed relationships with a great many of our students that we have enjoyed for years, and still do to this day. Over the years, one of the comments that we frequently hear is, “You guys look like you really enjoy what you’re doing”. We do really enjoy what we’re doing. In any service-based business you have to enjoy what you’re doing or you won’t be in business very long. We understand that many of you take your golf game very seriously. As a result, we take our teaching very seriously. That’s where our secret weapon comes in…our staff. Kyle J., Randy, Thor, Kyle E., Ryan, Nick, Brent and Jared make up what is considered by many in the golf business to be the best golf school in the country. It has always been our policy not to hire good golf instructors, but to hire good people and then make them good golf instructors. Our current staff is not only one of the most experienced staffs in the country, but also the best group of players we have ever had. Most of our instructors posses a college golf background which is not only rare, but proves to be invaluable when teaching on course strategies. Their years of experience not only in tournament golf, but in casual golf as well is passed on to you to help you to better enjoy this great game. 2012 was a great year for us and with the way our 2013 sign ups are pouring in already, it looks like the upcoming year is going to be even better. We have already started working on new presentations and format for 2013. And for the seventh straight year, we have not raised the price of our school. The quality of instruction coupled with our price and post-school help available to our students is unmatched anywhere in the country. We hope all of you have a great holiday season and it, as always, is our pleasure to be your choice for golf instruction. We look forward to seeing all of you (and friends and family) in 2013 and let’s make the next 30 years as great as the first 30 years. Thanks!