Stretching And Warming Up Before You Play Golf

Sunday, December 6th, 2015
Do you have days where you just don’t have time to get to the golf course to stretch and warm up properly? Like most golfers, your answer is probably, “yes”. Undoubtedly, your rounds where you get to the course in plenty of time to sufficiently prepare for your round are much better than the days where you just show up and tee off. Like most things in life, if you have time to prepare and get ready for your task, you will usually see better results. Golf is no different. One of the most important parts of your round is what you do before you tee off. This in mind, let’s take a look at some ways to make your round of golf more enjoyable.

Get to the golf course in plenty of time

Getting to the golf course early helps ensure you have the time to sufficiently stretch and go through a warm up routine to get you ready for your round. It also helps to keep you from feeling rushed, which in turn helps keep your heart rate down. A calmer frame of mind is crucial to a relaxed round of golf.

Have a stretching routine before your golf game

Doctors and trainers who have attended The Academy of Golf Dynamics have told us that if you only have time to stretch or warm up on the range, you should stretch. Stretching before your golf game is important for a number of reasons. First, stretching helps you get your muscles loose. Flexibility is important for your golf game, not only because it helps make better swings. Second, stretching helps you avoid injury. Pulled muscles usually occur when our muscles are not loose. Simple stretches of the following areas should be done. Hamstrings – Spread your feet to shoulder width and keep your knees straight with your weight on your heels. Bend over as far as you can go without bouncing. Try to hold this position for at least ten seconds. You can do this stretch as many times as you feel necessary. Stretching your hamstrings helps loosen your lower back as well as your legs. Shoulders – Take one arm and pull it across your chest with your other arm, holding this position for a count of ten seconds. Repeat with the other arm. Then, take a club and swing it forward and backwards at your side. Repeat with the other arm. This routine will help you loosen your shoulders and get the blood flowing before you play golf. Core – Place your club behind your neck with both hands on the golf club. Twist back and forth slowly. This motion helps stretch your core and back. Arms and wrists – Extend your arm at full length and pull your fingertips back. Then, bend your hand down and pull your hand back. This helps stretch your wrists and forearms. Whole body – Take two golf clubs, hold them together and swing them continuously back and through. Doing this routine slowly can help stretch everything, all in one shot. These are just some simple exercises you can do to help you get ready for your round of golf. If you have other, more elaborate, stretches you go through, great!

Warm up on the range

Having plenty of time to warm up on the range is important for several reasons. These reasons include helping to loosen muscles, setting the tone for how you will swing, and warming up helps you find out “what you have” before you tee off. Warming up on the range helps to loosen muscles before your golf game. Hitting balls on the range is a key way for you to get loose and get your blood flowing before your round. Starting off hitting shots with your feet together, making shorter and slower swings, will help you set the tone for how you will swing that day. This drill helps produce good timing, tempo and balance. You should gradually widen your stance and make your swing longer as you get loose. Establishing good timing, tempo and balance from the beginning of your day helps ensure a swing that will last the whole round of golf. As we all know, some days our swing is there, and some days it’s not. Hitting shots with our feet together helps us see if we can make our normal full swing most of the day. We may need to take a little more club and make shorter, slower swings for most of our shots. We are human, so our coordination changes everyday. You have to be ready to adjust to what you have on any given day. The next time you decide to hit that snooze button, remember, get to the golf course in plenty of time so you can properly get warmed up for your round. It could mean the difference between the round of golf you want and the round you try to avoid. For more information about the importance of stretching and warming up before you play golf, contact The Academy of Golf Dynamics. Give us a call today at 1(800) 879-2008 or Contact Us via email. We are located at 45 Club Estates Parkway in Austin, Texas.