Need Help With Your Golf Swing? Use These Professional Tips!

Friday, August 2nd, 2019
Man teeing off at a golf course

Whether you are new to playing golf or have been an enthusiast for years, improving your swing is important. Knowing how to use each club and having a consistent pace will help you significantly. Here are some professional tips that can also help you.

Get to know the basics again

Everyone has an individual golf swing, so no process will work exactly the same as another. You will need to conform your swing to your natural abilities. It also helps to understand that a good golf swing comes from your whole body, not just your arms or hands. Grip, aim, and posture are the three most important elements to pay attention to.

1. Your grip

The best way to grip a golf club is to place it just above your knuckles and wrap your fingers around it. This will help prevent any loosening that can happen during your swing.

2. Your aim (the takeaway)

If you swing your golf club back by lifting your arms, you won’t create a consistent and clear path for the ball. To stop this from happening, use your front shoulder to bring the club back. This will help you make sure your arms and the club are pushed to the top.

3. Your posture (the finish)

If your posture is not correct, the finish will end up having decreased distance. To fix this issue, use the coil created with the takeaway portion of your golf swing. Your weight should shift to your left side (your heel to be exact) during the process.

Keep your balance and a consistent tempo

One of the most important parts of a great golf swing is your rhythm. This means that you should be able to use any golf club with a consistent tempo while keeping your balance. Tempo refers to your ability to make and maintain clubhead speed generated in your backswing to the end of the finish. Remembering these basics will help you slow down and have even rhythm.

Professional golfers ensure that their entire swing is smooth and consistent. The goal is to make your swing part of your natural body movements. There are many techniques you can use to accomplish this, but it is especially vital to know that your swing is unique.

Learn how to handle your anxiety

Golf comes with a lot of challenges, especially for newer players, but performance anxiety can happen even to the professionals. First, admit that you have some anxiety or nervousness so you can begin working on it. Then, try to breathe while you are on the course and slow down. You should also visualize that your game will be successful. Finally, focus on the process of your golf swing rather than any possible results.

Get help from professionals

Everyone is new to golf before they become experts. Professional players still seek advice and training to maintain their skills too. You have a few options when it comes to your own training. Following a regular set of drills and keeping up with practice are both good ideas. You can also look online for tips and videos and ask any friends or family that have more experience.

You can hire a trainer to help you on and off the course or go to a golf school. The services offered at golf schools can vary, so you will want to research your options before choosing one. Look for reviews and ratings, how long classes last, available classes throughout the year, and who will be teaching you. Price and location are also important, but be sure to pick the RIGHT school, not the cheapest or closest.

Learn more about your golf swing from Academy of Golf Dynamics

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