Mental Techniques For A Better Game Of Golf

Monday, August 31st, 2020
Golf could quite simply be considered a game of concentration and at many points, many golfers from pros to amateurs get to a point in the game where they feel they have plateaued. And no matter how many balls that are hit on the range, the game just feels off. What many players fail to tune into is their mental game. A clear mind can take you a long way on the golf course and give you ample time to reflect on each move made. Practice these skills to improve your mental golf game.

Set Goals for your Golf Game

Set manageable, attainable, and measurable goals. Not only will these goals give you something to work towards, but it will also make you a better golfer. While these are important, sometimes goals need to be reset when you are making progress. Be realistic and measure your progress as you go.

See the Bigger Picture

Visualization is a skill often used by pros, but any golfer can do it. This mental practice helps you see your ideal situation; the perfect stance, perfect swing, or even the perfect putt. When used in sports, visualization or mental imagery is a way of conditioning your brain for successful outcomes. Take the time to imagine and visualize how you want the round to go, of course, you will not always be able to predict every single shot, but this mental practice is something many successful athletes constantly do. It’s also important to stay calm in these moments.

Identify your Weaknesses in Golf

Identifying your weaknesses in golf, helps you gauge where your game needs the most work. Keep track and categorize your mistakes into two categories: bad decisions or loose swings. These two categories help identify where you need to spend more time on the physical aspects of your game or your course management. Efficiency is always the key when practicing golf, not quantity.

Harness Your Expectations for your Golf Game

Expectations are much like goals. If expectations are realistic, they can be helpful. However, if you aren’t realistic your goals can become overwhelming. A lot of the time, expectations can hinder performance. Focusing on the game and having a clear headspace can take you so far. Focus on the shot at hand and build your golf round shot by shot. The oldest cliche in golf is still the most applicable: one shot at a time. Instead of focusing all of your energy on hitting balls on the range, spend time on your mental game this year. Keep track of your mistakes and focus more time on your weaknesses. Remember to set goals, identify your weaknesses, and harness your expectations.

Up your Golfing Game

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