Know Your Expectations And Build Your Round Of Golf

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020
tee on the green golf
Many golfers spend much of their time working on their golf swing. The search for that repeatable swing is a constant battle many players find themselves in for the entirety of their golfing lives. Then, there are the players who search for success through equipment. Spending money on equipment is a trap many players fall into that can end up costing them thousands of dollars over time. To some, the newest and latest clubs and gadgets can be as tempting as candy to a baby. The one area that is often overlooked however, is the mental side of the game. This part of golf can determine whether a player reaches the success they strive for more than any other part of the game.

Know your golf game expectations

Knowing your expectations in golf is crucial to improvement. If your average score is 90, don’t pay any attention to that even par number of 72. Think baby steps here. If you average 90, set a goal to bring your average score down to 88. Once you reach that goal, set a goal to reach 85, and so on. Improving two or three strokes over the course of weeks or months is attainable and realistic. This realistic expectation will help to keep you from getting frustrated over not reaching a specific goal. Be patient and give it time.

Build your round one shot at a time

The oldest cliche in golf is, “One shot at a time.” There has probably never been a phrase used as much in golf, and there has probably never been better advice. When playing your round of golf, think of it as “Building your round, one shot at a time.” Instead of thinking about the results, think of the process instead. Approaching golf this way keeps you in the present and makes you less likely to overlook the shot at hand. When you build a house, you don’t start on the roof first. You may know what you want it to look like in the end, but you have to take care of it in a specific order. Your round of golf is no different. Start with your preparation on the range and putting green before your round. Be organized with your warm up routine and give yourself plenty of time before you tee off. Once you start your round, don’t look ahead. Play to your strengths and let your strategy unfold as you go. Don’t worry about your score. Let the shots you hit as you play determine the end results. You will like what you see in the end. Remember, when playing a round of golf, know your expectations, build your round one shot at a time, and stay in the present. You will see success faster this way. Having the latest equipment or the perfect swing are never as important as a good plan. So, don’t neglect the mental side of golf!


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