Improve Your Putting Skills Using These Techniques

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017
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It is hard to imagine, but over 40 percent of all strokes made in a round of golf come from the putter. This can make the putting green the source of the most frustration. It is smart to take the time to practice your pre-shot routine and to establish where the sweet spot on your putter is located. Doing these simple steps can help you play golf more consistently and bring your score down considerably. Here are nine tips that can help improve your putting skills in particular.

Work on your palm-to-palm grip

A good place to start improving your putting skills is with your grip. First, dangle your arms in front of you. Then, clap your hands together with the palms facing one another while gripping the shaft of the golf club. Make sure the back of your left hand follows through in a straight line towards the direction of where you want the ball to roll. Perfecting this strategy will greatly improve your putting.

Keep the ball between your eyes

The most gifted putters have their eyes consistently over the ball. On the practice green, take your putting stance and drop a golf ball between your eyes. If you are in the right stance, the ball will fall on your club head. If not, you may need to adjust your posture. It is beneficial to perform this task each time you putt until it becomes a reflex.

Learn to read the lines on the green

On fast greens, the line left by the grass mower will show the pace of play needed for that particular day. A lighter shade of color means the turf is smoother. Understanding how to read these lines may take some practice at first, but it can be vital to improving your putting skills.

Practice putting at all ranges

If you cannot avoid putting at a long distance, you will need to focus. On the practice green, try concentrating on using a good technique that provides the consistency needed to sink putts in succession. Practicing like this from different distances can give you the confidence needed to have a successful round of golf.

To attempt a long distance putt, pace your approach carefully. Concentrate on rolling the ball within an imaginary circle that is the width of a dustbin lid. Remember, two 20-foot putts is the logical approach to making par in a round of golf.

Locate the sweet spot

To find the sweet spot, you need to hold the putter between your index finger and thumb, then tap the face with the edge of a coin. The club head will pendulum rather than twist, so be sure mark the spot where this movement begins on the top of the putter. This will help to generate more overspin and create the ideal roll of the ball towards the hole.

Know how to change your putting approach

If a putt attempt needs more of a curl, you will need to learn how to modify your putting stroke. Professional golfers understand a putt has more of a chance of dropping from the side, rather than straight-on in front of the cup. Knowing how to adapt your putting to the current situation can help you make a lower score.

Know how to putt from the edge of the green

Sometimes your swing will place the golf ball right on the edge of the putting green. Putting from the fringe of the green can be a difficult task. Try to imagine the hole is further away than it actually is. However, remember your follow through will still be the key for scoring par.

Develop a routine

Developing a pre-shot routine is essential for lowering your score overall. You will need to find a routine that offers a more consistent approach on the course to lower your scores. Take the time to develop a pre-shot routine and establish a more consistent ball-striking technique. It will take some time to accomplish all of these tasks, but doing so will increase your overall golf skills. You should also check the line of other golfers, but never move into their line of sight.

Align your shoulders properly

Comfort and alignment are crucial in putting. Your shoulders must be square and face the direction of where you want the ball to go. Try placing your left hand below your right hand, depending on which is your dominant hand. This will keep your shoulders square on impact. It may be smart to change to a short-shafted putter in order to gain the full value of the stroke. Your alignment should be slightly away from the ball. Take a practice swing to get the feel of the pace, then give it one last look before attempting the putt.

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