How to Deep Clean your Golf Bag 

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020
clean your golf bag
Cleaning your golf bag is probably the last thing on your mind. However, if you are consistently playing, your golf bag will probably end up getting dirty over time.  Taking care of your equipment is part of what makes it last. This article will explain how to get your golf bag clean that way you can stay on top of it. It’s a lot easier than you think it is! 

What You Need To Clean Your Golf Bag 

It’s common for many golf players to postpone cleaning their bags, however, when you take a look at the steps, it’s actually very simple. Not only is it simple, but the supplies needed are also common household items.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Water source (faucet and/or) water hose
  • Dish Soap
  • If you have stains, a stain remover 
  • Washcloth or rag 
  • Vacuum (optional step) 

How to Clean Your Golf Bag 

This process is a simple few steps:
  1. Remove all of your clubs and items stuffed inside your golf bag, especially your valuables.
  2. If you are really wanting a deep clean, use a vacuum to suck out dirt, sand, and grass. Get into every nook and cranny of your bag. 
  3. If you have access to a water hose, hose off your golf bag be careful not to soak your bag though. If you do not have access to a water hose, wet your washcloth and dampen your bag. 
  4. Assess your bag. If there are stains, use the stain remover that is safe for your bag and scrub those out. Next, mix your soap and water. Use your rag or washcloth to gently wash the bag with the soap mixture. 
  5. Rinse off your bag and let it dry outside or in a dry place inside. 

Don’t Forget to Clean the Inside of Your Golf Bag

Always take the time to reorganize the inside of your golf bag. And while you’re there, clean off the felt material that is often in most golf bags. It is not advised to use the method above to clean the felt material, though.  The vacuum would be best for getting tough debris off the inside of your bag. 

Has Your Golf Bag Lost Its Shape?

Over time your golf bag can lose its shape due to the wear and tear from the terrain of the golf course. A great way to reshape your bag is to stuff it with towels, socks, or any other clothing to help the bag fill its shape back out. Do this overnight or for a couple of days and notice how the bag almost looks like new. 

Now That Your Bag is Cleaned and Organized Improve Your Golf Game with Academy of Golf Dynamics!

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