Holiday Gift Ideas For The Golfer In Your Life

Saturday, December 7th, 2019
golf present
If you are looking for something special to give as a Christmas present for that golfer in your life, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few affordable gift ideas that are sure to make any golfer smile this holiday season.

Range finder

Yes, the world of technology has made it to the golf course. To see a range finder in someone’s golf bag these days is almost as common as seeing that new driver that promises an extra 10 yards on your tee shots. Range finders have become more popular over the last several years. This increase in popularity has made getting a yardage for a shot faster and easier. Range finders typically start around 100 dollars.

Personalized golf balls

What golfer doesn’t want to play with golf balls with his or her name on them? What better way to mark and distinguish your golf balls from the other player’s golf balls in your group than to have your name on them. Depending on the brand, personalized golf balls cost between 30-60 dollars.

New grips

Giving that special someone new grips is one of the best “golf gifts” you could give an avid golfer. New grips make your clubs easier to hold onto and make your clubs feel new again. Grips come in all different colors, styles and sizes to fit hand size. Check to see what kind of grips that special someone is playing with so you will know what size and style they like. Most grips usually cost between 7-10 dollars per grip.

Golf umbrella

A golf umbrella is one of those things everyone should have. Have you ever been caught in the rain with one of those small, pop up umbrellas that barely keeps the top of your head dry? If you have, then you will know how much better a golf umbrella is in wet weather. Whether the person you are buying for plays golf or not, a golf umbrella is one of the best gifts they will get this holiday season. Most cost between 50-60 dollars.

Personalized shaft labels

Personalized shaft labels are a great idea for any golfer, especially the ones who tend to be a little absent minded. Shaft labels are stickers that have the owner’s name, phone number and address on them. They wrap around the shaft just below the grip. If someone leaves their club on the course, the person who finds it knows who to contact. Shaft labels cost around 10 dollars per dozen.

Gift certificate in your pro shop

Do you have someone that’s hard to buy for? Purchase a gift certificate in the pro shop and let them do their own shopping. You can spend as much or as little as you want and let that person get a special golf item they want.

Golf school or instruction

Perhaps the most valuable gift you can give that special golfer is the gift that keeps on giving…good golf instruction. The best of everything else doesn’t matter as much if a good base of fundamentals and understanding of that person’s golf swing isn’t there.


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