Helpful Tips To Improve Your Putting Game

Monday, May 31st, 2021
image of someone Putting from a ground view
If you are a golfer, you know, like any sport, it takes practice. Taking lessons can help you learn different strokes, grip positions, and alignment which will improve your performance and enhance your golfing experience. One thing that many golfers struggle with and seek help for is putting. Here are some tips that can help you improve in this area.  

Choose an experienced instructor

Many people like to learn a skill through a handbook, the internet, or a friend. We suggest that you think about getting a professional instructor or experienced friend to teach you how to position your putting hands on the golf club. This is vital because where you grip the club not only affects your swings but the direction of the ball during a putt.  

Positioning Your Ball

You want to place your putter at the back of the ball instead of the center for a good putt. In this case, the back of the ball will be in the middle of your stance. If you are using a square-to-square stroke, you will want to hit the ball with your club slightly forward. This will help control and position the ball where you want it to go.  

Tips to remember during putting

Preparing yourself to have a good putting game can help you before you golf, but there are things you can do while putting that can help too. These include the following tips.   

The coin method

The coin method can be effective for improving your putting technique. Place a dime one foot behind the ball and try to hit it five times perfectly. Once you have accomplished this, place the coin two feet out and try five more times. Keep going three to four feet out until you have perfected this technique. Now you are ready to concentrate on the real putting.  

Eye on the dime

Another great technique to use to focus on your stroke and follow-through is to put any coin directly behind the ball. The coin acts as a target when making your swing. Many sports teach you to keep your eye on the ball. This is not the case in golf, though. You need to keep your focus on the coin and swing following the path with your head and shoulders.  

The “Eyes Closed” technique

Many pro golfers have used the eyes closed trick to enhance their performance during a tournament. If you lose confidence or have anxiety during a game, close your eyes and let your mind relax. Your sub-conscience will take over. Your mind can remember the hours of routine practicing, swings, and stokes. Closing your eyes can give you a sense of calm, making you feel more relaxed about your game.  

The “bullseye” tip

Like bowling or darts, you want to follow through and hit the bullseye. The same principles and applications should be applied in golf, especially when putting. Keep your focus on the back of the cup and you should hit your target almost every time.  

Keep your head still

Learning how to grip a golf club is abnormal, to say the least, and so is keeping your head still during a swing. After you swing, keep your head perfectly still and don’t move till the ball has landed. If you move after you hit the ball, your head and shoulders will move too. This can have a negative impact on the ball and cause it to go in the opposite direction. Mastering this technique takes great discipline, but it is one that will improve your game.  

Pay attention to rhythm

The rhythm effect is known as a metronome. It uses the tick-tock of a clock or a musical beat to help you concentrate on the stop and go of your swing. Pro golfers use it to smooth and sync their swings and putts. Using this method helps control jerks that can cause the ball to go in the wrong direction. Some professionals say birds singing on the green can create a beat and help them concentrate to enhance their game.  

One hand practice and sweet spot

Whether your’re right or left-handed, pros believe you need to practice with both hands. However, they also say to practice with the dominant hand only to build muscle, loosen the wrist action, become confident, and produce a pure shot for the best results.    The sweet spot in golf is hitting the ball in the direction you want it to go. This can be accomplished by putting a rubber band around the ball which will show you its constant speed and roll direction. When you are confident you have found the sweet spot on the ball, take the rubber band off and go for it. After this, you can also practice one-handed putting.   

The putt stopper

The putt stopper helps golfers enhance their follow-through. The backswing is used to follow through with the ball as well, which increases acceleration, control, and distance. It is also used to control a putt, depending on the distance between you and the ball. Remember, do not hit the ball head-on, but follow-through by letting the club do all the work.  

Pushing a ball on a putt

Pushing a ball on a putt is a technique used to focus on the putting hole and green. Do not use a backswing but stand over the hole, pushing the ball with the putter instead of hitting it. Most pros practice this technique up to ten feet away from the hole, and up or downhill greens. Doing this helps to train the body to read the perfect line and make a confident putt.  

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