Helpful Putting Techniques That Can Improve Your Golf Score

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018
Putting on the green

Putting is the most repeated stroke used by golfers each time they play a round of golf. Golfers of any experience level understand that the best source for lowering a round’s score is putting to near perfection on the green. All it takes to achieve this goal is practicing your approach towards each putt. Frustrated golfers should conquer the basics first, while adding new techniques that improve their putting percentage. The ultimate goal is to remove the three-putt from the scorecard forever. The following are some tips any golfer can use to improve their golf score.

Understand the mental aspects of putting

If you stare too long at the flag, you can talk yourself into a bad putt. Try focusing on a spot past your golf ball, then try to hit that target onward towards the hole. It is important to create a routine prior to taking a putt that calms your thoughts.

Some of the more popular routines include picking up your golf ball and cleaning it off before placing the ball back down on the green. You can also take a deep breath before thinking about your approach to putting the ball. Keep your body relaxed and never overthink your approach on the green. Some golfers will take a practice swing to get a feel of the turf before taking an actual putt. Perfecting a golf swing is all about the subconscious and trying to duplicate the approach each time for 18 holes.

Use the grip on your putter

Grip the putter in any way you like, but make sure to hold the club with your fingers, and disregard where your palms are on the putter’s shaft. All of this will help with gaining correct club head control. Try using a putting grip that prevents your wrist from bending upon impact with the golf ball. One of the more popular grips is a reverse overlap technique, which puts the putter’s head on the ground.

The placement of your hands on the putter is very important for success. Place your bottom hand on the shaft with your thumb pointing downward, then slide your hands together while putting your index finger over the ring finger of your bottom hand. Think of your bottom hand becoming a guide in the putt attempt, and the dominant one as the directional hand. This approach will help to keep the putter in front of your body.

Distance control putts

The key to distance control in putting is allowing the golf ball to roll rather than hitting it directly into the hole. To accomplish this, you will need a more open stance. Step toward the golf ball, so the position is slightly front center of your stance. It is important to have your eyes over the ball because this will guarantee that your weight will slightly lean towards the left side of your body.

Concentrate on the dimples of a golf ball so you can line them up with the buttons on your golf shirt. Try not to have too much movement during your putt attempt. This stance helps the golf ball to roll more smoothly towards the pin. Keep the head of the putter low to the ground upon hitting the ball as well.

The putter will try to move upwards in the process, but don’t try to hit too high on the ball. Also, resist looking at the end result until you have completed the follow-through because it will change the desired target. This approach will help you become accustomed to hitting a target, instead of ending up near the hole for a two-putt score.

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