Golf Tips That Can Help Improve Your Driver Swing

Monday, October 1st, 2018
Man teeing off at a golf course

Golfers of all skill levels struggle at times to stay consistent with their driver swing. Issues could be with posture, body alignment, or staying in control prior to a shot attempt. All of these issues could contribute to slicing the ball off the fairway. For some golfers, guidance is needed to get them back on track. The following are some tips that can help you improve your driver swing and enjoy a better game of golf.

Pay attention to posture and alignment

Every shot taken on a golf course requires good posture and proper alignment of the body. The biggest hindrance for most golfers is having bad posture. This could be best described as the spine forming a “C” shape that causes the pelvis to tuck under. The condition makes it difficult to have a powerful swing. Some golfers will compensate by using a driver with a longer shaft that causes unforced errors, but this can ruin your game.

A better swing adjustment is to stick your rear end out, which should straighten your spine. This approach will make your swing more dynamic by enabling you to turn your body towards the desired target. To practice this alignment, place the shaft of the driver between your feet and the ball-to-target line. This will align your body with a squared stance to have a more effective swing.

Understand ball position and weight distribution

Your approach to every tee shot should be to strike the ball on an upward swing with your driver. To accomplish this task, you must have the ball at the front of your stance. Ideally, it should be next your left heel as this automatically shifts 70 percent of your body weight behind the ball upon impact. This will help to transfer the remaining weight onto your other side during the follow-through of your backswing.

Upon the completion of your tee shot, you want at least 90 percent of your body weight moving through the ball. The weight shift creates a steep angle that provides better accuracy towards your desired target after hitting the ball.

Use proper tee height

The height of your tee is something to pay attention to at each tee box. The right height doesn’t help on the quality of the shot attempt. However, it will help you select the sweet spot to strike the ball off the tee with your driver.

Ideally, the middle of the ball should be aligned to the top of your driver’s shaft. This will help to get an upward angle on the ball that hopefully gets some flight upon impact. This can only be gained if there is less backspin, which increases maximum yardage.

Use swing trigger techniques

Too much tension with your grip will decrease the power and accuracy of each tee shot attempt. Most golfers need to develop a trigger mechanism before taking that first swing at each hole. Each approach is ideal as a pre-shot routine because it will clear your mind and ease the tension away.

One of the better trigger mechanisms is to look out at the trees and bunkers that lie on the fairway, focusing on your desired target. If you don’t do this, you will have a hard time staying relaxed throughout each swing.

If you develop tension in your forearms, you will lose all fluidity and rhythm in your swing. To avoid this, you will need to constantly move the driver in your hands. This is called “The Slide,” because you can accomplish this by waggling or moving the driver’s shaft before attempting a swing. Taking this step will help to keep the clubhead behind the ball.

Avoid passive takeaways

The takeaway is the most important move in a golf swing, so it’s perfection is crucial to your round’s final score. If you can successfully place the ball where you want it on the course, then you’re on the road to a great game. If your takeaway is too passive, inconsistencies could develop in your swing, which makes for a long day on the course.

A perfect takeaway is forming a triangle between the clubhead, your shoulders, and the angle of your backswing in one motion. If you cannot gain a good strike off the tee, then your shot attempt will slice or hook off the fairway. To compensate, try placing your hands just below the grip on the driver with the end of the shaft pointing towards your stomach. If it’s pointing either left or right, your takeaway will have a wrist hinge that could place the ball far away from the desired target.

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