Golf Swing Balance and Tempo Tips

Thursday, February 25th, 2021
silhouette of golfer taking a swing in front of sunset
What do balance and tempo have to do with the game of golf? More than you might think! Cultivating an ability to maintain consistent balance and tempo regardless of the club being used calls for golfers to maintain an active rhythm. Once put in place, this rhythm works as the stepping stone for balance and tempo in your golf swing. Rushing through your golf swing technique will influence your stabilization negatively, causing interference with rhythm and tempo resulting in a bad shot.  

Golf Swing Balance

  • Balancing Your Golf Swing at Address

    • It is imperative to equally distribute your weight between both feet in the address position.  
  • Balancing Your Golf Swing During Your Backswing

    • You should move your weight towards the inside of your back foot when performing your backswing.
  • Balancing The Impact Of Your Golf Swing
    • Once you get to the impact of your golf swing, most of your weight should be counterbalanced on your back foot.
  • Achieve Your Swing with Perfect Stabilization
    • Once you have accomplished the follow-through of your swing, all of your heft will be relocated to the outside of your front foot.

Suggestions for Mastering Stance Balance

An effective golf stance has many factors that must be properly achieved to get the intended outcome. Keeping a balanced posture with your swing will give you an accurate golf stance, and improve your golf game overall.   Experienced players know that shortening their stance will restrict their energy output and impede their capability to stay balanced through their swing. However, expanding your stance makes you able to redistribute weight while swinging, boosting force and speed.  

Golf Swing Tempo

  One of the most important ideas in regards to your golf swing is how much your swing tempo affects the overall outcomes of your shots.

What is Swing Tempo

The perfect golf swing varies from player to player. The tempo of your golf swing is an important part of achievement in the sport. By tempo, we mean your motion repetition. By making the same movements over and over again, golfers increase their skill levels. Golf swing tempo can also be considered a type of timing, which can vary from rapid to slow. The repetitive part of your golf swing is the rhythm, the different transitions within a swing, and how they work in unison. This can be very fluid, allowing for success, or jumbled, and ruin your golf swing.

The Benefits of Proper Swing Tempo

In most cases, players who suffer from weak swing tempo make inconsistent shots. It is commonplace for golfers to speed through their swing, which causes pulls and slices.   Players that want to better their golf swing can make on-target shots by timing their tempo well enough to deliver the clubface square at impact. Muscle memory will cause your muscle groups to work together as the body rotates as a single entity, finding balance in your swing tempo over time.

Tempo and Your Mindset

It is common for all golfers to experience anxiety or doubt about their skill level. Changing these bad thoughts to a focus on swing tempo will help you get rid of your negative thoughts. Focusing on positive things that can ultimately improve your golf swing. Using your golf swing tempo as a constructive mental distraction while golfing will keep your mind occupied enough to keep you from pondering all the things that can go wrong on a golf course.   Balance and tempo are key factors to a successful golf swing. Without them, your swing’s natural flow will be affected, creating a situation where it is difficult to square the clubface at impact. We at The Academy of Golf Dynamics can teach you that the key to a great golf swing is perfecting your balance and tempo.  Visit us to learn more about our classes, or call 1.737.932.3667 to schedule your lessons today.