Getting The Most Out Of Your Golf Lessons

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019
play better golf by understanding your first set of golf clubs

Self-taught golf savants like Hall-of-Famer Lee Trevino believe a good golf lesson includes hitting a thousand golf balls at the driving range. But, even elite players need instruction as golf can leave many players on the losing side of the game.

A small number of players actually take golf lessons or go to a golf school. This is surprising given how much money is spent on private and public courses each year. Instead, those weekend golfers will head to the driving range to figure out their struggles on their own. Sometimes they will buy a new set of clubs to change their luck or they may turn to videos online to help. No matter how well you play golf, it’s good to get a lesson from an instructor.

Why golfers choose not to take lessons

So, why don’t golfers take lessons more often? Some think they are too expensive and others are worried that it takes a considerable amount of time before any improvement is shown. But, if you select the right school or instructor, you can get valuable instruction in a shorter amount of time.

Pay attention to details

When it comes to choosing a school of golf or instructor, your decision should be based on cost, convenience, and recommendations from other players. While all of these factors do hold value, it may come down to timing as well.

It’s important to develop an immediate connection with your golf instructor, especially if you expect the lessons to have an impact on your overall game. The key to success is building trust and rapport with them. The instructor must be qualified and focused more on your improvement than their opinions too. It all comes down to communication.

The instructor must make every student comfortable in their new surroundings. Instead of choosing style over substance, select a school or instructor who can communicate their ideals to students effectively. They must be able to teach a group and focus on individuals if they work at a golf school.

Develop a working relationship with your golf instructor

A good relationship is all about partnering with the right instructor at the right time. Initially, instructors will detail your limitations as a golfer. This will help to determine the length of time needed to improve your overall golf game.

You may see slight improvement from an adjustment with your swing. Others improve by gaining insights into strategizing a better approach to playing. Here is an example of the type of instruction received with a good working relationship with your golf instructor.

Most golfers hit poor shots due to incorrect body alignment, club grip, or hitting stance. Each plays a role in producing a solid swing. To gain great results on the course, you will need to torque your body, moving your arms simultaneously and hinging your wrist in one continuous motion sequence.

Don’t get too caught up with the movement of the club head during your swing attempt. If you aren’t relaxed, then it will cause your body to open too early before striking the ball. This makes the clubhead move too soon towards the ball upon impact.

Come to your golf lessons prepared

Ideally, you want to create a list of questions and concerns about your own game before you go to the golf school. This will help your instructor to know which areas you want to address during lessons, like your swing. Bring your set of clubs too so they can evaluate your swing.

Usually, an instructor will have you warm up at the driving range before beginning the lesson. This is perfect timing for them to ask questions that will help guide the lessons in the right direction. Answer each question truthfully and in-depth. This will help you avoid a poor or ineffective golf lesson. Also, remember that it doesn’t help if the instructor is going in one direction while you go in the other direction, so listen to their advice.

Other tips and techniques to play better golf

Here are some other tips and techniques that you can use to play better golf before, during, and after your lessons.

  1. Golf is supposed to be fun. If you are too tense, you won’t be able to learn or have fun.
  2. Warm up before every game. This will help you get into the zone mentally and physically, whether you are taking lessons or playing a competitive game.
  3. Make sure to tell the instructor what has gone wrong on the golf course and why you want to play better.
  4. Keep your mind open to different ideas and techniques for improvement. Like you, your golf instructor will play a unique game, so they could have some tips you will want to hear.
  5. Be honest with your instructor about how your game usually goes, how you practice, and how much time you have to devote to improving.
  6. Understand how golf equipment can help or hinder you.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your instructor is there to help you improve.

Attend a golf school in Austin, Texas

To learn more about improving your golf game, attending a school is a great option. The instructors at these facilities are prepared to help you whether you are a beginner or a skilled player. Contact the experts at The Academy of Golf Dynamics today by calling (512) 261-3300. You can also Contact Us via email and learn more about our Austin, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado schools, Instructors, and Facilities. We are located at 1700 Kahala Sunset Dr in Spicewood, TX near Austin.