Why is your school better (or Why should I attend the Academy of Golf Dynamics over any other golf school?)

There are a variety of very pertinent and important reasons. Golf Magazine has rated the Academy of Golf Dynamics as one of the top 25 golf schools in the country, and Money Magazine says that we are one of the very best in value. But, you also need to take into account a team of 7 experienced instructors; schools are primarily in the Lakecliff Golf Club in Spicewood. A 3-1 ratio of students to instructors; A Arnold Palmer designed practice Facility and Private Golf Course; not a franchised school or sponsored by a manufacturer or resort, and we do not teach “method golf”. Each student is dealt with individually, one on one, adjusting to the ability level, build, swing, personality type, learning style, practice time, goals, and course strategies. We guarantee our instruction.

What makes the instruction at the Academy of Golf Dynamics superior to others?

The Academy is nationally recognized for an unbeatable staff of qualified golf professionals. Kyle Jerome and Randy Dalton are both Golf Magazine Top 100 regional instructors and have the longest tenure at The Academy. Most of the staff come from a competitive college golf background prior to playing professional golf and can give great insight to students for on course instruction, course management, strategy, shot selection and mental side. Additionally, each staff professional has been an instructor for a minimum of 360, full-day schools. It is very important to note the longevity and success of the school, and the tenure of the teaching professionals at the Academy. It adds up to superior, quality instruction.

What method of teaching is used at the Academy of Golf Dynamics?

The Academy of Golf Dynamics’ instructors take into account the individual characteristics of each golfer and provide them with the optimum instruction for reaching their personal goals. After all, there is no such thing as a typical golfer. Golfers can be tall, short, or medium height. The may be long-waisted or short-waisted. Their arms may be long or short and their hands big or small. They may have a weak upper body and a strong lower body or vice versa. They may have played a lot, played a little, played other sports, or never played sports. They may take information visually, kinesthetically, or verbally. They may practice a lot or rarely practice, or they may have a lot of patience or little or no patience at all. They can be young, old, and all ages in between. They can be competitive or noncompetitive. Maybe they have played a long time with the wrong concept or may have no concept of the swing. The point is that whatever your age, size, shape, condition, or golfing background, your golf instruction needs to fit who you are.

What results can I expect after I leave?

Students improve their handicaps on an average of 25 percent depending on their present level and practice time at home.

How long are your schools?

We have done schools of different lengths and found 3 days is the best length for learning and to ingrain the necessary fundamentals. Since we are not sponsored by a Resort, we are under no pressure to fill up rooms.

I’m a single-digit handicap and my spouse is a beginner…

First, our class sizes are small to give the individual attention necessary to help each student. Each student is unique: some need to work on the set-up, arm swing, turn, weight transfer, balance, more left-side, more right-side turning, swing path, etc. We give you your information, for your swing, at your learning and personality type, guaranteed.

Do students come every year?

Thirty-one percent of our students repeat annually, forty-six percent return every three years. Alumni and word-of-mouth make up the majority of our business. Our schools change every year with new visual keys, new practice drills and explanations for the key fundamentals. These are used to bring the students to the next level. Golf is a difficult game as it is. We find that students see an improvement in their game after coming to the school, and want to return to work on additional improvements.

I’m a senior golfer. Will I get too tired?

The pace of the school is tailored to each individual. Our facility allows you to improve on a real course situation. Again, from experience and history, we have a great number of senior golfers, men and women, who attend the Academy of Golf Dynamics. With the full swing, the short game, etc., we develop correct practice for each level. You are not constantly on the range hitting balls.

What do you do if it rains?

Tell you a secret… the instructors, during inclement weather, are committed to make sure you continue to work on your game and enjoy the school. We also have a classroom where we can work on putting and mental side work. Anytime we do have a rain day you will be credited for lost time. We schedule our schools during the best weather months of the year. But, it is true, we do not control the weather. 🙂

Will I continue to improve after I leave the Academy of Golf Dynamics?

You will leave the Academy with your school manual, observation chart and personalized video review points covered at the school. You will know the cause and effect for your swing and ball flight. You will also have your drills to enhance your swing. At the conclusion of your 3-day school, your support doesn’t end. After attending The Academy, all of your personal keys and drills are kept on file for any help you may need throughout the year by contacting us via fax or email. This way, we can continue to help you advance and improve even when you are not here. Our return rate speaks volumes for individual student improvement. Students see improvement and want to take their game to the next level.

What time does your school end?

On the first and second day: 3:15 pm; on the third day: 1:30 pm. After the first two days of school, the student has the option to stay for further instruction or play The private Arnold Palmer Golf Course @ a Special, Reduced Academy Rate before, during and post three day experience. Another reason why the Academy, with its options, is the Top School in the Nation.

Who is Randy Dalton? Kyle Jerome?

Because of their swing knowledge, instructional technique, experience and devotion, Randy and Kyle partnered in 1992. They are the nucleus of The Academy of Golf Dynamics that has been ranked as one of the top golf schools in the world. Both have been recognized by Golf Magazine, Golf Digest and the Southern Texas PGA section. Collectively, with over 50 years experience, they have won numerous awards, teach PGA pros, LPGA pros, amateurs and beginners. They oversee each and every school at The Academy and personally work with students.