What To Expect When You Sign Up For A Golf School

Thursday, August 10th, 2017
what to expect from The Academy of Golf Dynamics in Texas

Every instructor will go about things their own way when it comes to lessons at a golf school. They will have their own format and variations to their approach, but there are a few things you can expect anywhere you go. Your instructors will focus on creating a unique practice plan for you. It is important to know what to expect before attending a golf school as well as what will happen during and after your lessons.

What to know before you attend

Understand that you will be hitting more golf balls than you have ever hit before. Though golf isn’t a high-contact sport, it is still important to stretch and prepare. Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, and a large, comfortable hat. Wear the right shoes and weather-appropriate clothing as well.

Introduction to golf

Many students are intimidated by the professionals they go to for lessons, but there is no reason to be. Instructors at golf schools do what they love and they are there to share their passion and knowledge. Do not be afraid to ask questions and take notes.

Most lessons at a school will begin with an assessment of your background as a player. Your instructors will want to know your history with sports, especially any experience you have had with golf. There may also be simple movement tests to gauge any physical limitations you might have.

Be prepared to explain your goals when it comes to practice and improving. What do you hope to accomplish by taking lessons at a golf school? Knowing where you are is key in helping your coach guide you.

At the beginning of the lessons

Your first golf lesson will likely cover an examination of a couple of holes and the equipment at your disposal. You will learn how each club works and what kind of shots each is best utilized for. Your coach will also cover the proper ways to hold each club and the basic mechanics of the swing. Beginners will likely be directed to the putting green, because it is easier to grasp basic posture and proper alignment skills on a course.

For intermediate players, your coach will likely begin by analyzing your technique. They will want to observe you hitting several shots with various clubs so they understand your grasp of golf and where you need improvement. Many coaches will record video of their students so they can slow it down later to help detect flaws.

Error correction

When your coach has a better understanding of what they are working with and who you are as a player, they can give you helpful corrections. Instructors will observe your flaws and will step in to show you how to correct them to get the most out of your swing. They will likely have you take several practice swings so you can feel the changes they make before transitioning you to striking the ball again.

For more advanced players, error correction will take up the majority of the lesson. These players generally don’t need to invest in as many lessons. However, if you want to perfect how you play, you should look into taking lessons over a series of months or attending a golf school regularly. The instructors will develop a plan specifically designed for you and your goals as a player.

After the lessons

At the end of the lessons, the coach should summarize everything that you have learned that day. They may film you again so that you have a way to compare your improvement to when you began. Many professionals will also send you home with notes on your skills and where improvements can be made so you can practice on your own.

Overall, studying golf beneath the watchful eye of professional instructors is the best way to improve your game. Try to build a relationship with your instructors and never be afraid to ask them questions. As you gain experience, your goals will become more specific, and a good teacher will be there for you every step of the way.

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