Easy Golf Techniques Anyone Can Use To Become A Better Player

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
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Golf can be an overwhelming sport for anyone who is just beginning to play. Never feel intimidated on the golf course, as the object of the game is to have fun with family members and friends. In order to be successful, try not to get too stressed out and be patient. The game will slow down for you at some point as your skills progress. It is important to get a basic understanding of the sport before golf can be a more rewarding experience. The following beginner’s golf advice can help any player to develop a solid game plan from the first tee-shot to the last putt of the day.

Getting a proper grip

First-time golfers often grip a club much in the same manner they would hold a baseball bat. While it may feel unnatural at first, it is important to have the proper grip on the club before taking the first swing of each round.

Take the club in the palm of your lead hand (the one closest to the hole) and place your thumb along the top of the grip. Try sliding the back hand (the one further away from the hole) just below the lead hand. Then, interlock your back hand pinky with your lead hand index finger. The thumb of your back hand should run down the front end of the grip.

Having good posture and approach

Standing in front of the golf ball before taking the shot is called the approach, and it is important to stay calm during this step. Some of the more important mechanics of good approach include slightly bending your knees and having your upper body lean over the ball. Try to avoid hunching over. Instead, place your arms out in front of your body, being careful not to extend them too far.

Your feet should be a shoulder’s width distance apart, with the ball positioned approximately the same length between the front and back foot. Another way to figure out the correct approach to a shot is to place your club at the front of your lead foot. Then, extend the shaft to the front toe of your back foot. The clubhead should point where the ball needs to be placed on the fairway. The 45-degree angle behind the ball offers a natural fit for the placement of your shot.

Using a proper swing

There are three essential steps to a golf swing: the takeaway, the impact, and the follow-through. Each step is vital to making consistent contact and placing the ball where you want it to go on the course. You must have the mechanics down before your swing is ideal.

For beginner’s, it is best to keep your feet firmly on the ground during the takeaway and when you strike the ball. Your upper body and head should be still throughout the entire swing attempt, as this allows you to keep your eyes on the ball. At the time of impact, you must keep your lead arm straight for as long as possible. It will help to rotate your hips and transition your body weight from your back foot.

On the follow-through, it is important to keep moving forward and shifting your body weight to your lead foot. Try focusing on the ball as you make contact. This will help to keep the rotation of your hips going in a forward moving direction. Finally, your torso should always be facing the pin of the hole.

Taking golf lessons

Adults learning how to play the game of golf must understand that it will be a challenge to consistently shoot for par each round. It is a wise decision to take a few lessons before heading out to a golf course. Experienced golf instructors are best at showing their students the right approach to playing the game. Taking golf lessons helps eliminate any bad habits from forming in your swing or overall game.

If you need a reliable source for more golf techniques or where to get the best golf lessons in your area, head over to a pro shop. Usually, a golf club pro shop has the knowledge and qualifications to give quality guidance to newcomers to the sport. You can also search online for reviews to see if a golf academy is right for you.

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