Can Golf Shoes Help Improve Your Game?

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
Golf shoes on a green

You use a lot of footwork when performing a golf swing. To better understand how much, you can try to swing your golf club while barefoot. Because of the amount of movement your foot performs, you need a pair of shoes that provides stability, balance, and flexibility while playing.

Why buy golf shoes?

Golf shoes are designed specifically for the game and provide you the necessary flexibility, balance, and stability to play well. Being stable while taking your swing is essential if you want the ball to go where it is intended to land. Balance is critical when you are swinging to ensure you make proper contact with your shot. There are many different swings you will have to make, and you want a shoe flexible enough to fit all of them.

How important is comfort in golf shoes?

When you play an eighteen-hole course, you will be walking from four to six miles. You want a shoe comfortable enough to withstand being on your feet this long. Shoes with padded soles are the most comfortable, but you should also look for a pair that lets your feet breathe and can withstand becoming wet. A comfortable shoe will also give you protection for your joints and prevent you from suffering unnecessary pain.

Why stability is important

Most golf shoes are designed with built-in stabilizers along the side of the arches. The reason behind these stabilizers is to keep your feet from sliding or shifting during your swings. Spikes are used on the bottom of the shoes so you will not slip if the course is wet or uneven. The spikes can be compared to the tread on your automobile tires. They provide you with the traction needed to stay grounded during your swings. With spikes on your shoes, you will be able to turn as you get ready to swing without worrying about slips or falls.

Golf swings put a lot of stress on your ankles and knees. You need a shoe that will keep you stable to protect your joints as much as possible. If your shoes do not keep you stable during a swing, you risk damaging cartilage from sliding back and forth.

How do golf shoes provide balance?

These shoes are designed differently than other athletic footwear. With the game of golf, you need to keep your balance, so the shoes have a larger sole with a broader base. The more extensive base allows you to maintain your balance when you swing the club. This type of balancing is designed for golf, as opposed to sneakers which are made for quick foot motion.

Why flexibility is important

Golf courses are not all created equal. Some have hills or irregular surfaces. When you play on on these types of terrain, you need a shoe that is flexible enough to adjust to the varying surfaces. You may find yourself having to swing from awkward positions or slopes, and you’ll need your shoe to move with the position of your foot. Other types of athletic shoes are designed to hold your foot in place to protect the ankles, but golf shoes need to have elasticity.

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