Buying Your First Set Of Golf Clubs? Remember These 5 Things!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017
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Whether you are just getting into golf or you have some experience, buying the right set of clubs is an important part of the game. It may be hard to decide on your first set, as there are many things to remember when shopping for them. The following are some of the most important things to consider before buying your first set of golf clubs.

Identify your personal goals

A good place to start is to identify your goals for the game of golf. This will help make shopping for clubs much easier. If you only plan to play a handful of rounds each year, then it is best not to spend too much money on equipment. If you plan on spending more time at the course, then you should plan for a more expensive shopping list.

Before creating a shopping list, you must assess your own dedication to golf. Ask yourself how many times will you go to the driving range in a week and if you are going to take golf lessons at some point. The answers to these questions will dictate whether or not to purchase new or used golf clubs.

Decide whether to buy used or new

Golf clubs have the potential to be expensive. How much you spend depends heavily on the quality of the clubs. If you want a top-of-the-line set, you can expect to pay higher prices.

If you are unsure of your dedication to the game of golf, then it is better to purchase a used set of clubs before upgrading. Doing so allows you to build an interest in the game of golf.

Most experienced golfers will suggest a more inexpensive set to be your first. It is important to get golf clubs that will help you develop your game with each round played.

Learn about clubfitting and shaft options

Newcomers to the sport should pay more attention on shaft composition and flexibility when deciding which golf clubs to purchase. Graphite is lighter, which helps to generate more speed on your swing’s follow-through. However, graphite can be rather expensive. Metal shafts are heavier and allow you to hit the ball with greater force. Metal shafted clubs can be much cheaper than graphite. Because of this, metal shafted clubs may be ideal for a novice golfer’s first set.

Clubfitting is a wise decision for all beginners before they head out onto the course for the first time. It is important to have golf clubs that match your body type. The standard department store golf club models are designed for males that stand 5’ 10” tall, so your game may struggle if you are taller or shorter. Be sure to find clubs that fit your body type, as manufacturers make sets for men and women of all sizes.

Many pro instructors are willing to do an in-depth clubfitting for their students. The clubfitting process can be completed in approximately 30-45 minutes. If this isn’t an option, ask to get measured at a pro shop.

Use the right golf clubs to make golf easier

Making the right choice of clubs can make the game easier for a novice golfer. While there is not club that can make a perfect golf swing, the right clubs can drastically lower your handicap. Do not purchase the same set of clubs as tour professionals. Their clubs often have a lower center of gravity and a higher grade of inertia than amateur models.

Look at a variety of stores

Ask fellow golfers for their recommendations on clubs before making a purchase on your own. Staff personnel at the course pro shop can also provide some guidance and advice. All of this information will be very helpful once you begin to look for your first set of golf clubs. Price and variety will vary, so remember to set a budget before hand.

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