The Best Golf Gear Advice For Beginners

Monday, July 3rd, 2017
know the best golf equipment for beginners

A new golfer needs the right equipment to learn the game. Proper equipment is essential for increasing your chances of success. If you are new to the sport and want to figure out what you need to get started, the following information can help. You can also ask a coach or instructor about clubs, a golf bag, shoes, and other necessary gear.

Golf clubs

Golf clubs are generally the most expensive and important pieces of gear you will need to get started. Although clubs can be quite expensive, new golfers should know that there are many that can fit any budget. Remember, the price of a golf club does not necessarily indicate whether it will be a good fit for you. If you have a coach available to you, have them watch your swing and give recommendations on the best clubs for your needs.

Golf bag

Golf bags are a necessary accessory used to carry your clubs around the course. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a good quality bag. You can find a quality bag for about $50 at many sporting goods stores. When buying a golf bag, consider how much walking you will do on a course. Some spend most of their time riding in a cart and a little time walking. If you plan on walking for the majority of the time, you should purchase a lightweight stand bag. If you are not going to do a lot of walking, just about any golf bag will do.

Golf balls

Beginners often lose a ton of golf balls. If you are just starting out, consider purchasing cheap golf balls since you will likely lose many of them. New golfers want distance, so the best way to go is to purchase a two-piece, hard-centered ball that will easily fly down the fairway. Once you gain more experience, you can move up to more expensive products.


You will use a lot of tees on the course, so it is best to buy cheap ones in bulk. Tees are used to hold your ball off the ground. These tools come in a variety of materials and lengths. You should not worry too much about your tees, just make sure you have plenty of them when you first begin playing golf.

Golf shoes

Golf shoes are an incredibly important piece of gear. These shoes are designed to help you keep your footing and prevent you from falling during your swing. Good shoes should fit your feet snugly, keep your feet warm, and keep you comfortable. Golf shoes are available in an array of styles to fit all budgets. A pair of quality shoes can be found for as little as $50, so you will have plenty of choices.

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