Benefits of Golf

Monday, November 8th, 2021
golf ball
Playing golf is a fun and great way to get healthier while enjoying the great outdoors. It also offers a wide range of mental and physical benefits.   

Total Body Workout

Golfing is a great low impact sport. It’s great on the joints, unlike many other high-impact sports like football or basketball. Although many think that because golf is more relaxed and low impact it doesn’t work the entire body, they are wrong. Golf uses your entire body, your shoulders, legs, arms, abs and involves a lot of hand-eye coordination.   

Personal Growth

Personal growth is important. This is because things around you are constantly changing and improving. One of the best feelings for a person is whenever they improve on a skill that they have been working hours and hours on. Golf can be rewarding when it comes to this. Whether you are the most skilled golfer, or just a beginner, practice makes perfect and you will continue to grow if you go by this motto.   

Mental Health

Having a hobby pushes you to focus on a healthy lifestyle. While it doesn’t always seem like it, golf can help you get out of your head. Focusing on something that you can physically control is a major way to improve your mental health. Sometimes people may get frustrated over the way that they or their opponent is playing, but that’s just it- you are still concentrated on the current moment instead of whatever else may be going on in your life.   

Social Engagement

It is extremely beneficial to include yourself in social events. It doesn’t have to be something that you do everyday, but maybe once a week. Social engagement can help improve your mental health as well as keeping you accountable. Golf is a great way to build strong relationships with people who are interested in something that you are passionate about. 

Improve Sleep Cycle

After a long day of socializing and playing golf, it is nice to come home and relax. Sometimes it can be hard for someone with no physical activity to be able to have a regular sleep schedule. With golf, you are on your feet all day and constantly moving. When you finally get home and are able to relax, you are going to sleep like a baby. Probably our favorite benefit; I mean who doesn’t love sleep?  

Looking To Improve Your Golfing Skills?

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