What Beginners Should Know About Picking The Best Golf Ball

Saturday, June 20th, 2020
Beginners in golf have a tendency to lose track of a lot of golf balls, so it can make buying them a little tricky. Should you splurge for that brand the salesman at the pro shop insists upon, or should you go cheaper since you may lose them anyway? The following information can help you choose the best golf ball for your needs.

What difference does it make?

Golf balls tend to look the same, so it is easy to assume that they perform the same. However, the truth is that the way each ball is made varies broadly. Each ball may have anywhere from one to five layers. Golf balls also differ in their spin tendencies and the compression on the ball upon impact is unique to each one. The best golf ball a beginner can choose is one that has two layers. These balls are higher quality than the ones provided at the driving range, and tend to travel further. Best of all, they are inexpensive, so you can usually afford to buy them by the box. Two-layer balls don’t spin they way more sensitive options do, so you aren’t as likely to hook or slice the ball when you swing. As an added bonus, when these balls hit the ground, they tend to roll further. Therefore, two-layer options allow a beginner to hit the ball with greater accuracy and gain more distance with their shot.

Is there a perfect golf ball?

Perfection in golf balls is relative, depending more on a golfer’s preference than anything else. For most casual golfers, lake balls are the way to go. They don’t cost much and don’t force you to compromise on performance. Excluding the roll, on a long drive, you will only lose around 12 yards using these balls. However, if you are determined to buy a golf ball that is top quality, consider one that doesn’t spin as much. Ultimately, no one can tell you what the perfect golf ball will be for you, as each player must discover this on their own. You should experiment with as many different types and brands as you can and compare benefits. If you feel like you need help, consider looking into a golf ball selector, which runs through different factors to choose the best option for you.


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