8 Simple Ways To Keep Your Golf Clubs In Good Condition

Monday, October 30th, 2017
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It is important for all golfers to take care of their golf clubs on and off the course. Just a little care can keep your golf clubs in excellent condition for years to come, or at least as long as you want to play with them. Practicing good maintenance on your clubs means keeping them clean and using other methods to keep them in good condition. Here are eight easy ways to take care of your golf clubs.

Store your golf clubs properly

The best approach to storing your golf clubs is keeping them indoors, inside your home or apartment. Try to avoid storing your clubs in the trunk of your car or in extremely hot locations. High temperatures can weaken the glue holding the grip and club head in place.

Never put your golf clubs away when wet

There is never a good reason to promote the growth of rust on the shaft of your clubs after a rainy day on the course. To prevent this from happening, it is best to dry them off before putting them away for safekeeping.

Use a golf towel

A golf towel doesn’t have to be from one of the leading sports apparel companies. This item could be an old dishrag from the kitchen. Just attach it to your golf bag and use the towel to wipe down your grips and club heads periodically throughout the round. This practice will help greatly when rain is in the forecast or if debris has gathered on the club head’s face. It is important to never hold up play for others while cleaning your golf clubs, however.

Use head covers on your woods

Head coverings help to preserve the more delicate and easily damaged irons, drivers, and woods. Damage could take place by simply taking a club out of or putting one back into your golf bag. Head covers can protect the club heads during your ride to the course in a car or golf cart. There is no need for a head cover to protect your irons, but it is wise to place one on your putter.

Clean the club heads between plays

It is smart to clean your golf clubs after every few rounds played. This step removes all dirt and debris from inside the groove of the club head’s face. The cleaning process is simple, and requires only a soft-bristled brush, warm water, soap, and a towel to dry off the clubs.

Don’t forget to clean the grips

Wise golfers know that it is important to keep the grips clean by removing stains from sunscreen, sweat, dirt, and coarse debris that have accumulated. This process will allow the grip to last longer. Often, the grips will become “part” of the golf club, but grips do have to be replaced at some point.

Regularly inspect the grips for wear and tear

While cleaning your grips, take the time to inspect them for wear and tear. Look for slickness or worn areas that will eventually crack. These are all warning signs to replace the grips, because they are key to playing a good round of golf. Re-gripping can be done on your own, but it might be best to have the pro shop at the course replace them. Grip replacement is not a very expensive process, with cost often depending on the cost of the grips purchased.

Periodically inspect the shafts of your golf clubs

It is important to look for dents, nicks, and splits on the shafts of your golf clubs during the cleaning process. If you see one, replace the shaft immediately, as it will affect your round’s score. If taken care of, shafts can last a long time. However, hitting a rock on your backswing or banging off the turf from a steep angle on a chip shot can damage them.

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