6 Beginner Golf Techniques That Can Help Improve Your Game

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017
improve your golf game with the academy of golf dynamics in Austin, Texas

If you are thinking about taking up the game of golf, it is a good idea to sign-up for beginner’s golf lessons. Unlike other sports, golf is difficult to master, even for the game’s best players. The elite golfers in the world have hitting coaches, because everyone needs another set of eyes to watch and evaluate their performance. Speaking with an instructor is ideal for every beginning golfer, because you get a different perspective of your own skills. This helps with any irregularities that have developed within your golf swing. Athleticism will take you only so far, so having the opportunity to gain good golf instruction is vital to becoming a better all-around player. The following beginner techniques can help your have a better golf game.

How golf instructors can help you

Most golf coaches are equipped to assist their pupils with a videotape session that analyzes each swing. It is important to have an instructor that provides details and helps implement improvements to your game, rather than give you simple tips alone. Make sure to ask relevant questions if the subject matter is unclear. Having a better understanding of what your instructor is trying to teach will help to lower your round’s score.

Online golf lessons could be an option for you, but be careful

The most logical alternative source for golf lessons is looking online for resources. Hiring a live instructor is the ideal situation, but some golfers do not have time to dedicate to in-person golf lessons. Online golf lessons are much cheaper and often yield quick success in some areas. However, you should be careful to find an instructor that you can understand and know that online golf lessons cannot replace specialized, in-person assistance.

Have the right approach to swing set-up

Most golf instructors feel the swing’s set-up is just as important as hitting the ball consistently down the fairway. Without a good set-up, you will struggle to make par with each round played. Some instructors believe having a good swing set-up will make anyone a better all-around player the further they progress in the sport.

Setting up a good swing involves your body remaining in a natural, relaxed position. Your feet and shoulders should be the same distance apart, and you should have a slight flex in your knees. Check for these positions while keeping your upper body bent at the hips. Keep your arms comfortably hanging down while having a loose grip on the club. Finally, your left hip should be slightly forward with an upward tilt as your left shoulder moves away from the target.

Correct the grip on the club

There are a few different variations to gripping a golf club. It is important to focus on getting the clubhead through the swing zone in a smooth motion. Today’s most popular grip is interlocking and overlapping your fingers and hands on the club. If you are right handed, you should hold the club in your left hand. Next, place your pinky finger on your right hand between or on the top of the space in between the middle and index fingers on your left hand.

Know how to aim at your target

It is important to aim and align your body at the target prior to the setup of your first shot towards the pin. Many professionals believe that aiming correctly at the target each time is the key to a good golf game. You can aim better by aligning your feet just above the golf ball. Keep your arms, hips, feet, and eyes parallel to the left of the target. Before hitting your shot, take a moment to stand behind the ball and evaluate all of your options.

Swing on a plane

All great golf swings rotate the body on an even plane. Movement of this nature gives you the best opportunity to return the club back to its original position. Elevation is also important, as it creates the majority of the vertical movement and height in your swing. Flexion, which helps provide elevation, is the final factor in a good swing plane.

Improve your golf game with The Academy of Golf Dynamics

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