4 Techniques To Help You Miss Less Greens On The Golf Course

Thursday, November 1st, 2018

If your shot attempts from the fairway are landing close to the flag, then your iron play is probably perfect. When you play well, the game of golf can become easy and less stressful. When you’re playing at this level, you rarely worry about making par or bogey on each hole.

Having confidence allows you to take chances off the tee box because your drive will continue to provide short putting opportunities and your accuracy will be consistent. You could gain six birdies over the first nine holes, which will set your up for success for the rest of the game.

To hit more greens consistently, you will need better control of your body and the club during each shot attempt. It’s important to keep track of your accuracy with each shot on the front nine. This will help you adjust your strategy for the remainder of the round. The following are four tips to help you rework your strategy and miss less greens.

Be aware of your body angles

It’s hard to be make reliable shots if you have to rely on your hands to fix all the problems created by your body. The first step towards correcting errors is to remove all movement in your spine region. This will especially help you upon impact on the ball with your clubhead. The angle between the upper body, lower body, and the shaft of the golf club must have an invisible line of symmetry throughout the swing attempt. If any subtle movement occurs, the ball will slice away from your desired target. Having renewed confidence in this approach will allow you to hit the ball with your iron to any specific spot on the green.

Know how to hit the ball

If you’re having trouble with the direction of each shot attempt, then it might be that the clubhead is going offline upon impact with the ball. Most misses of this nature tend to be hooks, but many golfers will slice the ball away from their target as well. Usually, that means your clubhead is open too far, so it’s important to adjust your grip to gain better control of the club.

If you’re a slicer, then try a looser grip to straighten your drive down the center of the fairway. Face the target as you’re hitting the golf ball to close the clubhead, which should straighten out your slice. Remember, the ultimate goal is to hit the fairway off each tee shot taken, which this subtle adjustment could help you accomplish.

Preserve the connection

On all full swing attempts, try keeping the clubhead in front of your body throughout the entire approach. This will help to put the golf ball where you want it on the course. If your swing lags behind your body or loops over the target line on your backswing approach, it may be difficult to hit the ball accurately. One simple adjustment that could help to keep the clubhead in front of your body is moving your club, arms, and torso in one consistent motion towards the ball.

Stick with what works for you

Keep in mind that professional golfers have the same trouble with their swing as you do. You should avoid any temptation to over-compensate for your struggles with your iron play in order to remain on par for the day. It’s more important to stay with one consistent swing.

Warming up at the driving range should only be done to determine which irons are feeling good in your hands. When warming up, try to smooth out your motion, as this will keep your body in check and provide better balance in your stance.

Slow down your approach, instead of speeding up your swing, to help increase your accuracy. If you do not, you may be tempted to take impossible shots that will fall short of the target. It’s better to cut your losses and come up with a better strategy to avert further disaster. If your fade shot is working to perfection, then stay with it. Also, don’t try to regain your pinpoint accuracy if it appears to be lost for the round. It’s better to put the ball on the green for an easy putt to make par.

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