3 Tips That Can Help You Learn To Play Golf

Monday, July 2nd, 2018
Golf ball on a tee

Learning to play golf may take time, but it is essential before you can play like an expert on the course. You can do this in many ways, including by practicing on basics like your golf swing at the driving range. Sometimes practicing golf can be frustrating, but there are ways to make the process easy and fun. You can watch a video of yourself, get fitted for a set of golf clubs, and practice drills to learn how to play the game.

Watching a video of yourself can be helpful

The best approach to learning to play golf is to go to a recognized golf school for lessons. You will often begin by taking lessons as part of a group. This will help you to learn grip pressure, stance, and a proper golf swing. The golf instructors will then focus on the ability levels and learning styles of each student.

Most teachers will offer a one-to-one review videotape session where they will analyze your golf swing. This type of instruction helps to drop your learning curve by correcting the mechanical flaws of your swing in real-time. They will also offer suggestions about your swing on the course so you can improve faster. Other instructors will continue filming your swing so you can see your progression during your time at the school.

Having the right set of golf clubs is important

It is vital to use the right clubs each time you are on the course, because that will make a big difference in your round’s score. Your golf instructor can make suggestions on the type of clubs that best suit you based on your height, weight, and level of play. Once you have their recommendations, you can visit a pro shop to get fitted.

You begin this process by measuring your golf swing with a launch monitor Then, take the measurements of the length from your wrist to the floor. These measurements will help to identify the best set of golf clubs to enhance your strengths on the course. Most beginning golfers will have a slow swing speed, so a larger graphite club face will provide more flexibility when striking the ball. This helps to gain more distance off the tee. The length of the shaft on the club can actually be adjusted to fit your height.

Most golf instructors will suggest using a 3-wood instead of a driver off the tee, and a 5,7, or 9-wood club from the fairway. This approach will help to launch the ball higher. Other teachers will suggest using hybrid clubs because they’re more accurate and provide better distance off each shot attempt.

Doing drills can help you improve your golf game

Golf drills can help to give you a better understanding of your golf swing, as well as your overall skill level.

One of the top drills for beginning golfers is the hip-turn drill. You begin by placing a golf club horizontally across your waist, then tilting it from your belt line while pivoting your hips. It is important to move your right heel up as you turn your entire body. The goal of this drill is to help new golfers to get the feel of using their lower body, which generates the power needed for a good golf swing.

The best approach to fixing the hook of the golf ball is to swing only at half-speed. Practice by moving your arms slower, while turning your upper-body in a more aggressive manner on the follow-through of the swing. It is important to transfer your body weight forward while bringing your front foot down. Then, you can turn your lower body to face the target. This will help to get your hips moving all the way through the swing and stop the ball from hooking.

Another beneficial drill to work with is studying the distance each club in your bag can provide. This will help you to better understand your capability on the entire course. Try aiming at targets in the distance by drawing an imaginary line from the ball to the desired yard-marker. Once you regularly hit the target, you can choose an intermediate target about six feet closer from the original distance. Regularly practicing this drill at the driving range should become part of your daily routine in learning how to play golf.

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